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Our Co-Founder Ryan Murray Joins Prestigious Fifty 50 Program by Fifty Years

Ryan Murray, the visionary Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of KiraGen Bio, has been selected to join the esteemed third cohort of the Fifty 50 program, hosted by the tech bio VC firm Fifty Years. This exclusive initiative is dedicated to empowering bio and climate-focused innovators, including seasoned founders, PhDs, and postdocs, aiming to translate their groundbreaking lab work into scalable solutions with a significant positive impact. Murray's inclusion in Fifty 50 underscores his commitment to pioneering advancements in CAR-T cell therapies and combinatorial gene editing, aligning with KiraGen Bio's mission to redefine cancer treatment. Through this program, Murray will further hone his expertise in commercializing science, potentially setting new standards in the biotech industry

Ryan Murray KiraGen Bio CSO
Fifty 50


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