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Eliminating solid tumors with AI-driven, multiplex gene-edited CAR-T cells

Advancing cell therapies that break through immunosuppressive tumor barriers, enabling effective and durable cancer control  


Our Support

2048 Ventures Biotech Studio Program

KiraGen Bio is proud to join the 2048 Ventures Biotech Studio, marking a pivotal step in our quest to innovate CAR-T therapies for solid tumors. This recognition fuels our journey with vital resources and expert networks, accelerating our path to transforming cancer treatment.


Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners Innovation
Harvard Consulting Business and the Environment

HUCP Innovation Fund x CBE Ventures Competition

Finalists in the 2023 Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners Innovation Fund x Consulting, Business, the Environment Venture Competition

KiraGen Bio Logo

Nucleate Activator Program

Finalists in the 2024 Nucleate Activator Program final pitch showcase in Boston

President's Innovation Challenge

Presidents Innovation Challenge

Semi-finalists in the 2024 Harvard iLab's President's Innovation Challenge

M2D2 Logo

Finalists in the 2024 M2D2 $200k Grand Challenge

Termeer Logo

Co-founder and CEO, Aaron Edwards selected to be a Termeer Fellow, a values-driven leadership program for first time biotech founder/CEOs

50Y Logo

Co-founder and CSO, Ryan Murray selected to be in 5050 Program, helping foster deep tech scientists/engineers become great founders.


Redefining CAR-T with a differentiated approach:

AI-driven design and multiplex gene editing for superior efficacy against solid tumors.

Our Science


AI-Driven Design

Leveraging machine learning to pinpoint optimal gene editing combinations, enhancing CAR-T cell efficacy against solid tumors.

Multiplex Gene Editing

Employing cutting-edge technology to simultaneously edit 8+ genes, setting a new standard in cell therapy engineering.

KGEN-101 Allogeneic CAR-T Cells

Allogeneic CAR-T

Our allogeneic CAR-T cells are engineered to maintain efficacy against immunosuppressive solid tumor microenvironment.


Meet the Team

Aaron Edwards experience
Ryan Murray experience
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