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  • KiraGen Bio and Flash BioSolutions Announce Innovative Partnership to Revolutionize CAR-T Therapies for Solid Tumors

    Boston, USA, April 2, 2024 - KiraGen Bio, a pioneering biotech company in the field of innovative cellular therapies for solid tumors, is pleased to announce today a strategic partnership with Flash BioSolutions, a leading CDMO providing state-of-the-art lentiviral particles. This collaboration aims to fully harness the potential of CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell) therapies in cancer treatment. Through this alliance, KiraGen Bio will leverage the advanced expertise of Flash BioSolutions and its flagship technology, LentiCare®. This cutting-edge lentiviral platform will be seamlessly integrated into the development of KiraGen Bio's groundbreaking CAR-T therapies, playing a crucial role in the Proof of Concept stage and beyond. The revolutionary aspect of this partnership lies in the synergistic combination of KiraGen Bio's proprietary AI-driven platform, KiraLOGIC, and Flash BioSolutions' state-of-the-art LentiCare® technology. KiraLOGIC employs advanced machine learning algorithms to rationally design CAR-T cells equipped with a combination of highly multiplexed gene edits, rendering them resistant to the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. By integrating these AI-powered gene editing capabilities with the high-quality lentiviral vectors provided by Flash BioSolutions, KiraGen Bio is poised to unlock the full potential of CAR-T therapies for solid tumors, addressing a critical unmet need in cancer treatment. "Our KiraLOGIC platform leverages AI to rationally design CAR-T cells resistant to immunosuppression, unlocking the potential of cell therapies for solid tumors. Partnering with Flash BioSolutions, a leader in lentiviral vector manufacturing, is pivotal in advancing our multiplex gene-edited CAR-T therapies. Their LentiCare® technology ensures high-quality lentiviral vectors, essential for generating robust preclinical data and propelling our therapies towards clinical development. Together, we are poised to accelerate scientific progress and deliver transformative treatments to patients in need," stated Ryan Murray, PhD, CSO & Co-Founder of KiraGen Bio. "At KiraGen, our unwavering commitment is to bring our revolutionary TME-Guard technology to patients as quickly and broadly as possible. Collaborating with Flash BioSolutions is a significant milestone in realizing this vision. Their deep expertise in lentiviral manufacturing will be instrumental as we rapidly advance our innovative cell therapies through preclinical development and into the clinic. This strategic partnership is key to accelerating our lead programs, forging powerful industry and academic alliances, and building a robust and sustainable pipeline. By joining forces with Flash BioSolutions, we are creating a powerful model that can drive transformative impact for patients while generating value for our investors, as we work to establish KiraGen as a pioneer in solid tumor cell therapy," added Aaron Edwards, CEO & Co-Founder of KiraGen Bio. "Flash BioSolutions is thrilled to collaborate with KiraGen Bio in reshaping the paradigm of CAR-T therapies for solid tumors," stated Jérôme Bédier, CEO of Flash BioSolutions. "Through the potent fusion of our expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, we are steadfast in our commitment to propelling scientific innovation and introducing revolutionary treatment options for patients confronting this formidable disease." This partnership between Flash BioSolutions and KiraGen Bio embodies the commitment of both companies to push the boundaries of research to improve the lives of cancer patients. Together, they aspire to open new perspectives in the treatment of solid tumors and bring renewed hope to those battling this disease. About KiraGen Bio: KiraGen Bio is a Boston-based biotechnology company pioneering the development of AI-driven, multiplex gene-edited CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumors. By leveraging its proprietary KiraLOGIC platform, KiraGen Bio engineers CAR-T cells with up to 8 tumor microenvironment (TME) resistance gene edits, directly targeting the root cause of immunosuppression. Co-founded by experts from bluebird bio, Beam Therapeutics, and Harvard Business School, KiraGen Bio is committed to pushing the boundaries of science to bring the curative potential of cell therapies to the 90% of cancer patients currently underserved by CAR-T. About Flash BioSolutions: Flash BioSolutions is a CDMO specialized in the industrial production of DNA or RNA vectors for clients in gene and cell therapies, and vaccines. Flash BioSolutions has a robust platform and manufacturing process, proven over 20 years, enabling the delivery of high-purity and high-concentration vectors for research, preclinical, clinical, and commercial phases. Head of communication Soraya Sandokchi +33 582 955 546

  • KiraGen CEO Featured on "Beyond the Square" Podcast

    We are thrilled to announce that our co-founder and CEO, Aaron Edwards, was recently featured as a special guest on the esteemed "Beyond the Square" podcast, hosted by William Wang. In this illuminating episode, Aaron delves into the pivotal role of AI in gene therapy, particularly focusing on the groundbreaking strides KiraGen Bio is making with CAR T cell technology in the fight against solid tumors. Aaron shares his insights on the potential of gene therapy, the challenges and solutions in delivery mechanisms, and the inspiring journey that led to the inception of KiraGen Bio. His forward-thinking vision for the company and his commitment to transparency and open communication are evident throughout the discussion. Furthermore, Aaron casts light on the current biotech industry trends and the incredible promise of extending health spans through advancements in longevity science. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of biotechnology and the innovative use of AI to surmount healthcare challenges. Listen to the full conversation on Spotify here: Beyond the Square - Aaron Edwards: The Science of Survival, a Quest to Conquer Solid Tumors with KiraGen Bio

  • KiraGen's Aaron Edwards Selected for Prestigious Termeer Fellowship

    We are excited to announce a significant milestone for KiraGen Bio and our mission towards inclusive innovation: Aaron Edwards, our Co-Founder and CEO, has been selected as a 2024 Termeer Fellow. This achievement is not only a testament to Aaron's visionary leadership in developing advanced CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumors but also reflects our shared commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity at the leadership level in biotech. The Termeer Foundation champions values-driven leadership, emphasizing the importance of broadening representation within the biopharmaceutical industry—particularly for women, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and Black, Brown, and Indigenous People of Color. Aaron's selection aligns with KiraGen's core values of innovation, inclusivity, and transformational change in healthcare. Through this fellowship, Aaron will gain access to an invaluable network of mentoring, professional development, and peer-to-peer sharing opportunities, further empowering KiraGen to break down silos and lead the way in developing life-changing cancer treatments. Discover more about the Termeer Fellowship and its commitment to inclusivity here.

  • KiraGen Competes at Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition

    We are thrilled to announce KiraGen Bio's participation in the prestigious Harvard New Venture Competition, a testament to our dedication to pioneering advancements in CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumors. Amidst a competitive field of 78 innovative teams, KiraGen Bio showcased our groundbreaking approach to conquering the challenges of the tumor microenvironment (TME) and enhancing gene editing strategies for CAR-T cells. The Business Track of the New Venture Competition served as an invaluable platform for integrating entrepreneurship principles into our mission. It enabled us to not only present our AI-driven platform but also engage with the complex process of transforming our research into viable, life-saving treatments. Throughout the competition, the feedback we received was immensely beneficial, offering insights that will fuel our progress. Whether advancing to the next round or not, the experience has been enriching, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation in biotechnology. As we continue our journey at KiraGen Bio, we remain focused on merging advanced AI with deep biological understanding to revolutionize CAR-T cell therapies. Our participation in Harvard's New Venture Competition underscores our passion and dedication to making a significant impact in the fight against solid tumors. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey and how we're transforming the landscape of cancer treatment, one innovation at a time. #KiraGenBio #Innovation #HBSNVC #Biotech #CARTTherapies

  • KiraGen selected as FINALIST for 13th annual M2D2 $200K Challenge

    KiraGen has been selected as a finalist in the 13th @UMassM2D2 2024 #200KChallenge! Join us IN-PERSON in Lowell at the Finalist Pitch-Off on March 27. Details and FREE registration:

  • KiraGen moves into Harvard Pagliuca Life Lab!

    We're excited to share a pivotal update from KiraGen Bio: our move to the Harvard Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab. This transition is a significant stride in our quest to revolutionize CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumors, positioning us within a hub of biotech innovation. The Life Lab's state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant community enhance our capability to tackle the tumor microenvironment and refine gene editing for more effective cancer treatments. This move amplifies our efforts, connecting us with fellow innovators and expanding our reach in the biotech landscape. It's a leap forward in our mission, promising to accelerate our impact on cancer therapy. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to push the boundaries of medical science.

  • KiraGen Bio Advances as Finalists in Nucleate's Activator Program 2024 Boston Cohort

    KiraGen Bio has been selected as finalists for the 2024 Cohort of Nucleate's Activator Program, specifically within the Boston region, amongst 18 distinguished teams. This selection highlights KiraGen's role in pioneering CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumors, leveraging combinatorial gene editing and AI to push the boundaries of cancer treatment. The inclusion in Boston's cohort of Nucleate’s Activator Program represents a key milestone for KiraGen, providing access to critical support and networking opportunities in one of the world’s leading biotech hubs. As the program unfolds, we invite our community to stay tuned for updates on our progress and the innovative strides we're making in the program!

  • Our Co-Founder Aaron Edwards Publishes Blog Post for Harvard Business School on Summer Internship at Eli Lilly

    We're proud to announce that Aaron Edwards, Co-Founder of KiraGen Bio, has recently published a compelling blog post for Harvard Business School, detailing his summer internship experience at Eli Lilly. The post offers an in-depth look into the critical role of integrating science with business strategies, a core value that underpins KiraGen Bio's approach. Aaron shares his journey, exploring the challenges of bringing scientific innovations to market and the strategic insights gained. This publication underscores the importance of fostering a deep connection between biotechnological research and commercial acumen. Join us in celebrating Aaron's contribution and gain insights from his experiences by reading the full blog post. Click here to read Aaron's story:

  • Our Co-Founder Ryan Murray Joins Prestigious Fifty 50 Program by Fifty Years

    Ryan Murray, the visionary Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of KiraGen Bio, has been selected to join the esteemed third cohort of the Fifty 50 program, hosted by the tech bio VC firm Fifty Years. This exclusive initiative is dedicated to empowering bio and climate-focused innovators, including seasoned founders, PhDs, and postdocs, aiming to translate their groundbreaking lab work into scalable solutions with a significant positive impact. Murray's inclusion in Fifty 50 underscores his commitment to pioneering advancements in CAR-T cell therapies and combinatorial gene editing, aligning with KiraGen Bio's mission to redefine cancer treatment. Through this program, Murray will further hone his expertise in commercializing science, potentially setting new standards in the biotech industry

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